ConnectWise Security Operations Center

You take care of your clients; we’ll take care of the cyber threats 24/7/365

Keeping pace with the daily grind of monitoring your client environments for attacks-in-motion can burnout the best of staff. As the alerts build and response is stretched thin, the protection your clients rely upon becomes vulnerable to failure—and the standing of your relationship at risk. The ConnectWise SOC is here to help! Working as an extension of your team, our certified security analysts, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and latest solutions will manage all your security monitoring, 24/7. Your clients will be more secure and your business more free to scale and grow. Let us share more!

How we help keep your clients secure

24/7/365 threat monitoring and response

Cybercriminals don’t work normal hours. Attacks can hit at any time, and the ConnectWise SOC is ready when the time comes. We’re continuously monitoring, detecting, and remediating threats to keep your clients secure. The ConnectWise SOC augments ConnectWise Fortify™ Endpoint, ConnectWise Fortify SaaS, and Perch™ Network Threat Detection.

Fully staffed team of security experts

The ConnectWise SOC team includes certified security techs, including security analysts, incident response analysts, security researchers, and threat hunters. Do you already have a few security techs on staff? Our team will take care of alerting and triaging and consult your team when there are issues they need to handle.

Cutting-edge security intelligence

The threat landscape is always changing. The ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit is dedicated to identifying the latest threats, ensuring our SOC team is on high alert to catch what’s lurking in the shadows.

Scale your security business

It’s hard, and expensive, to build out a security team, let alone a fully staffed, 24/7 in-house SOC. We’ll jump in when it comes to keeping your clients secure and take recruiting, hiring, and retaining staff off your already full plate.

Meet the ConnectWise SOC (Security Operations Center)


“At the ConnectWise SOC, we love what we do. We love working with and talking to our partners about security issues or just answering general questions. I want ConnectWise partners to know they should never hesitate to reach out and contact us!”

- Jonathan Garella, Security Engineer in the ConnectWise SOC, Cranberry, PA



The Benefits of Partnering with a SOC Provider

The uptick in cyberattacks is pushing 42% of SMBs to invest more in their cybersecurity strategy. Are you prepared to meet the growing demand? Download our eBook to learn how partnering with a SOC provider can help keep your clients protected 24/7.

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What to expect when working with the ConnectWise SOC

What truly sets the ConnectWise SOC apart is how we integrate into your business. When we say we’re an extension of your team, we mean it. We work side-by-side with you and your team to keep your clients protected.

When we find an issue, we start working on it right away because there’s no “I’ll get to it tomorrow” in cybersecurity. We’ll verify the threat, take the machine offline to contain it, and, if needed, roll it back to a secure state. When a high-priority issue pops up, we’ll reach out to you to determine the right plan of action together. 

Since cybersecurity is a team effort, we’ll even jump on the phone to help discuss threats or other cybersecurity issues with your clients.

As your partner in cybersecurity, the ConnectWise SOC works behind the scenes to make sure your cybersecurity offerings never skip a beat. We’ll keep you informed of everything we see so you can pass the information along to your clients. We’ll do all the work; you get all the glory.

SOC certifications and accreditations

The ConnectWise SOC is highly decorated with the latest certifications to deliver the most up-to-date cybersecurity services.

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