How MSP operational selfcare can lead to better client care

| By:
Nisha Burke

Time is moving fast these days—it’s not just me, right? I feel like the pace of business is moving at an unprecedented rate right now. It’s going and going like the Energizer Bunny. But eventually, you’ll have to replace the battery. 

It’s times like these that I’m reminded of a quote by Dov Seidman. He said, “When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops. But when you press the pause button on human beings, they start—start to reflect, rethink assumptions, and reimagine a better path.” I think that’s what’s happening right now. Instead of stopping as we faced—and continue to face—the pandemic, most of our lives have accelerated at an unprecedented space. And it feels like the rapid adoption of technology drives it. 

In the future, we’ll equate this rapid adoption of technology as a wartime-like response to battle the virus by fundamentally shifting the way our economy operates. But as we take a closer look, we realize that several areas have catapulted forward for companies and consumers alike. 

There’s more work to do than one might expect or anticipate, and planning and executing on time isn’t easy. Burnout becomes inevitable as everything around us progresses at a rapid pace. There’s also the threat of cyberattacks and the unsettling feeling among tech workers this past year and a half. And we can’t forget the hiring challenges that have pulled business owners back to working in their business instead of on it while they have steadily tried to hire technicians. Plus, there is the new challenge of facilitating employee well-being to retain current technicians.

On top of it all, your clients are in the same fast-paced boat (aka needier than ever) and this changes your business relationships with them. Managed services providers have to realize that taking care of your own operations and employees ensures you’re prepared to take care of your clients—and their increasing needs. Just as it’s true in our personal lives, you can’t entirely give to your customers until you are fully taking care of yourself. 

ConnectWise is here for you, and we want to help lighten your load with solutions that offload and automate MSP tasks.

  1. Close your skills gaps with the help from dedicated technicians.
  2. Get certified in cybersecurity and sleep better at night knowing your clients have adequate protection with a full arsenal of proven cybersecurity solutions
  3. Remove time-consuming Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) tasks from your techs’ to-do list to increase their work satisfaction.
  4. Offload after-hours and weekend work to ConnectWise Assist help desk so your techs can enjoy a better work-life balance and arrive to work with minimal tickets to positively hit the ground running each day. 
  5. Create more efficient workdays by only addressing open issues before technicians even start work with only actionable tickets that have been pre-worked, validated, and researched. 
  6. Make a plan to ensure your clients pay you on time so you can invest in the area of your business that needs attention. 
  7. Automate repetitive tasks to not only keep your techs happy but also set up your business to continuously improve operations.

How does all of this translate into better care for clients?

When you have technicians that are attentive, happy, and dedicated to your business, it’s nearly impossible for it to go unnoticed by your clients—and they appreciate it. The effort increases customer satisfaction, retains their loyalty, and builds a solid reputation for your business.

With ConnectWise, you have the ability to add global resources to back up your team. Without hiring a single headcount, you can bring on help desk technicians, an NOC and SOC, special project technicians, and workload managing technicians to take care of your clients’ needs faster than you could alone. You can accomplish all this while giving your in-house technicians a better work-life balance and making their day-to-day more enjoyable. 

By having these extra resources available, you’ll be ready to offer premium services to your clients, such as 24/7/365 support, and you’ll deliver service levels that exceed what you offer today.

With all of this ConnectWise support in place,  you can offer cyber protection in 2022 on top of the traditional services you’ve offered your clients in the past. You’ll be confident in knowing you’re prepared to protect clients from increasing and ever more sophisticated threats.

Most importantly, as the pace of technology adoption continues to whirl, we have to remember that it’s okay to hit that pause button. We are human, and as humans, it’s essential that we reflect, rethink, and reimagine a better path every once and a while. That’s how you improve to be the best you can be for yourself, your team, and your clients.